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      Automatic permanence magnetic separator for slurry

      Application This wet permanent magnetic separator is come out to solve the problem of small magnetism contamination,difficulty of iron removal,high failure.This new magnetic separator has function of lower power consumption,lower water consumption,good separation effect,automatic iron remove,working time adjustable,lower failure,big production capacity.It is now widely used in mining,non-metallic minerals,ceramic,chemical and electronic industry magnetic separation in slurry or liquid form

      ·High gradient magnetic field:the high magnetic field is up to 18000GS by using the good magnetic medium,this machine can remove over 95% of the ferromagnetism materials in over 200 mesh particle separation.

      ·large capacity:this machine can produce over 60 tons per hour in slurry form.

      ·Low energy consumption:this machine 0.3KW per hour,water usage is lower than 200ML per hour.

      ·Iron-remove with the counter flow way , the effect is more fully with the recycling pipe.

      ·Longer lifetime:use high performance permanent grate,the annual demagnetization rate is elss than 0.05%.

      With the PLC control screen , easy to set the working and clean time .